Holidays, Theft and Your Vehicle

We at Eugene Auto Body Blog would like to take a moment to remind you to keep all personal items from your vehicle prior to shopping at the malls. The holiday season is a time that most vehicles are broken into because someone believes they can find items of value within the vehicle. Please be safe this holiday and should you run into an unfortunate situation, please remember, that we can repair or replace your window


Winter is Here! Have a Safe Holiday Season with Family and Prepare Your Car

We are all about protecting your safety and your car’s paint and clear coat finish for the cold winter months at auto repair shop eugene.

Winter auto detailing is all about prevention. Ideally one should clean their vehicle as often as possible to ensure no build-up of road salt on painted surfaces. The longer road salt stays on a vehicles surface, the more time the salt has to eat away at your wax’s protective elements. Taking advantage of warmer temperatures to allow us to wax your vehicle with a durable car wax or paint sealant to ensure minimal loss of protection throughout the season. During winter it is also crucially important to minimize contact with the auto body paint.. What this means is DO NOT remove snow from your vehicle’s painted surfaces with an ice scraper or brush. This is one of the most damaging things you can do to your vehicle, which can result in heavy swirling and scratching of your paint. Using some sort of heating element or hot water will safely melt the snow without damaging your paint. If you must remove the snow on your vehicle, use a microfiber towel and gently and slowly use downwards motions, starting at the top of the vehicle and moving downwards with each stroke. This ensures you are not introducing dirt from the bottom of the vehicle to the upper portions of the vehicle. Here are some things that we do atauto detailing Eugene Oregon in preparing your car for the harsh winter months.

1. Simply we will wash your car. You must always wash your car before waxing or polishing it (or you’ll be sealing in the dirt). We will use high quality car wash polish to ensure no soapy residue is remaining on your vehicle.

2. Wax your car. Your car wax coat will be the final line of defense between the damaging winter elements and your paint and clear coat finish.

3. Winterizing your windshield for the cold and ice. We will clean and polish youreugene auto glass for better visibility during the winter months.

Drive Safely!

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Winter is Upon Us! Be Safe! “Does Your Auto Glass Need Repair?”

We all know here at Over The Top Auto Detailing Eugene that with winter comes some drastic temperature changes.

The constant swing of up and down in the Oregon climate can turn a small windshield crack into a large disaster.

Call auto glass Eugene to keep your loved one’s safe.

Please remember that in the State of Oregon, that any crack that is vision impairing while driving, can lead to quite an expensive traffic violation. Immediate Response and Great customer service with the best auto detail Eugene Guaranteed!.

Eugene’s Premier Detailing Shop Receives Prestigious Award 3 Years Running

Eugene’s detailling shop has received the AutocheX Premier Achiever Award for three consecutive years. We earned this prestigious award by being in the top 4% of all repair facilities participating in the AutocheX survey program. This recognition is a true reflection of our ongoing commitment to keeping our customers at the center of all we do.

Award Winner Eugene Auto detailing

Auto Paint, How is it done?

eugene auto paint repairwonders if you know why it is important to choose the right auto body repair and paint shop to paint your car….only a professional like auto painting in eugene can do it right. Here is some information as to why.

First of all there are three basic ingredients in automotive paint:

The resin is the component that holds together the pigment in suspension, provides adhesion to the surface applied, and determines the quality and paint durability.

The pigment comes in a powder form similar to concrete, and the average aftermarket automotive paint mixing system includes about 100 colors or toners to be able to mix formulas including metallic and pearl paint colors.

The solvent is what provides the transferability, without the solvent the paint would be to thick in viscosity to transfer from container to container.

Now that you know the three basic ingredients, let’s talk about the different paint systems and the applications for each.

Prior to 1985, the majority of the domestic cars had single stage paint from the factory. This was a major problem in trying to match the metallic colors for several reasons. In single stage metallic paints, the paint film is all one layer combined including the gloss resin, pigment, metallic and solvent.

The painter was challenged in painting a single stage metallic system because he only had 4 coats to achieve coverage and layout the metallic in a uniform matter by dusting light coats but still maintain an acceptable gloss.

This challenge was overcome by applying the first and second coat medium wet to achieve coverage and good bond to the surface. The third coat was applied medium wet and immediately followed by a mist coat until the metallic was even. The painter had to move fast and paint panel by panel and jump side to side to keep the over spray melting.

The secret to this application was to keep the paint film wet, so when you mist the metallic on the wet surface it would flow to the bottom of the paint film and let the gloss resin rise to form the glass look we were looking for.

The same process is used in base coat colors today except we are not worried about gloss because the urethane clear coat is applied as the final topcoat and provides the deep gloss we need. Now you know! Call us today and let the professionals bring back that shine and color!

How to chose an Auto Detailing Shop in Eugene Oregon

Choosing an Eugene Auto Detailing shop you can trust is imperative. Our vehicles are a major financial investment as well as one of the most important tools we own, but, how do we determine whether a shop is trustworthy with our hard earned cars? A few simple steps can save many weeks of buyer’s remorse.

1. Asking shops to tell and show you their expectations and support system for their techs ongoing education in their fields is another benchmark for excellence. Are they certified and up to date in auto body industry standards like I-CAR and ASE? These certifications are usually posted prominently and proudly. The technicians at the shop take ongoing courses and tests to keep up with industry standards throughout the year. While this may not define the morals of a shop owner it does define his interest in staying on top of his industry.

2. Inspect the shop. For insurance purposes they may not want you hanging out under a frame machine but most shops are comfortable in letting you view, escorted, the working areas where your car will be healed. If you stop in a couple of times and see the same cars still there and the guys are at the break table at every hour you visit you may not be getting your car back in a timely manner. Do remember however, these techs work a physically and mentally hard job when done right and right does take time and even a few breaks.

3. The number one way to determine who will be the surgeon on your chariot should be to ask others in your community for their experiences. Ask your friends, family, mechanic and insurance adjuster for not only who they would choose but who they wouldn’t and why. A good job gets told to one or two people but a bad job is shared endlessly. Word of mouth is still a valid resource.

Eugene Auto Detailing

As a professional insurance agent, no single event or situation is more crucial to my customers than at the time of suffering loss and/or damage, such as an auto accident. The reputation of my business is greatly at stake during my customer’s auto repair experience. Because of the importance of exceeding the customer’s expectation during their vehicle’s repair process, I recommend Over the Top Eugene’s Premier Auto Detailing Shop to all of my customers. Over the Top Auto Detailing “overtime” from the time of initial claim reporting process to the rental car experience to the job being completed entirely so that my customer is “wowed” at the experience. Over The Top Auto Detailing makes my business look good and they consistently thrill my customers with their genuine care and concern for every individual I refer to them.


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